Unlocking the Potential Of Saltwater

Red Sea Farms is reducing the carbon and water footprint of our food sector by developing and delivering environmentally sustainable, saltwater-based agricultural systems.

Sustainably Produced Food

Our vision is to develop saltwater technologies that enable economically viable food production in water-scarce communities around the world—giving people more access to healthy, delicious, locally-grown produce.

What We Offer

Our technology enables farmers to grow food and cool greenhouses using saltwater and smart tech-enabled systems while saving freshwater and energy. Red Sea Farms also offers consulting services along with our lovingly-grown produce.


We sell organic, pesticide-free tomatoes grown hydroponically in our saltwater greenhouses.


We build new saltwater greenhouses as well as retrofit existing greenhouses with our patent-pending saltwater-cooling and Coretex control system technologies.


We provide technical advice, design guidance, project management, operations management, and grower services for saltwater and desert agriculture.

Our Produce

Red Sea Farms produce is sustainable, organic, and pesticide-free! Our premium-quality saltwater tomatoes are delicious with high levels of vitamins and antioxidants—they taste great and are good for you!

Join Our Mission

We are committed to supporting global food security through sustainable cultivation of nutritious fresh produce. Our cutting-edge technology enables communities to grow food locally and sustainably in places where it wasn’t possible before.