Better taste. Higher quality.

Red Sea Farms produce is packed with flavor and more sustainable because of our innovative technology.

How We Grow


Feel good eating produce that is also good for the planet. Through sustainable cooling solutions, our systems power savings of 300L of freshwater per kg of produce. That means 90% in fresh water savings as compared to traditional methods.


We maximize and manage the use of sunlight to save energy and control the greenhouse temperature. A more controlled environment means higher quality veggies.


Our seeds are developed naturally by leading plant scientists to withstand harsh conditions and high heat. This means our plants can continue to grow during the heat of the summer to produce tasty fruits and veggies year-round.

Intelligent Systems & Control

Our remote-monitoring technology brings autonomous, intelligent agriculture to life in our systems designed for harsh climates.

Our Farms

KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Al Ajaweed, Saudi Arabia