Why Partner With Us

Red Sea Farms is uniquely positioned to serve the growing food security needs of water-scarce regions around the world. The engineering and plant science solutions developed by Red Sea Farms utilize saltwater instead of freshwater in a multitude of agriculture systems. Our technology offers the potential to revolutionize the future of food production in Saudi Arabia and the world.

Positioned For Growth

In 2019, Red Sea Farms secured a $1.9 million co-investment from the KAUST Innovation Fund and Research Products Development Company (RPDC). With this, we are now building a 2,000 square meter pilot saltwater greenhouse on the KAUST campus. Our collaboration with the Kirchner Group deepens our expertise and supports our ambition to expand local production of fresh fruit and vegetables in regions of the world with scarce supplies of freshwater.

Red Sea Farms is establishing long-term relationships with investors and Joint Venture Partners who share our triple bottom line values of people, planet, and profit. For people who consume our products, we remain committed to meeting their high standards for food that is environmentally-sustainable, highly nutritious, and of superior quality and taste.

We encourage you to join us as we continue to expand globally.

Red Sea Farms saltwater greenhouses can replace up to 90% of freshwater inputs with saltwater.

Our Partners