Red Sea Farms completed integration of Iyris with technologies operational

Nov 18, 2021 | General

KAUST, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, November 18th, 2021: Red Sea Farms, the AgTech business whose one-of-a-kind technology enables the commercial farming of produce using saltwater, sustainable climate control and sunlight, has completed the integration of iyris, having acquired the business in the first quarter of 2021. 

Integration includes embedding patented solar energy and optics technology, and an advanced sensor and analytics system. The technologies are now operational on the Red Sea Farms commercial reference facilities at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, supporting the production of fruit and vegetables being delivered to supermarkets in the Jeddah region.

The technologies will now be used at other locations, including The Red Sea Development Project following a recently announced partnership where Red Sea Farms will become their main fresh produce supplier. High levels of interest will result in the technology being rolled out internationally in other harsh climates in the coming months.

As part of the integration, approval was provided by MISA (KSA) and AGDM (UAE). Derya Baran has been appointed as Director of the Red Sea Farms Limited Board and Daniel Bryant Chief Technology Officer. iyris patents which include heat blocking and energy saving coatings are now optioned to Red Sea Farms.

Ryan Lefers, CEO of Red Sea Farms said “Red Sea Farms is pleased to have completed the integration of Iyris into the business. Together, we can use our combined range of technology to feed the world sustainably. It is an incredibly exciting time for us all. AgTech adoption is gaining momentum. Red Sea Farms has a unique approach which will inspire farmers to grow produce more sustainably in the region and globally.”