Red Sea Farms Technology

Our smart technology allows us to grow food using saltwater instead of freshwater as the primary input.


Our greenhouses use saltwater for evaporative cooling, massively reducing both the water and carbon footprint of food production.

Salt Tolerant Crops

Our salt-tolerant crops can be grown using salty water.

Saved Resources

Our technology results in a system where both freshwater and energy requirements are reduced up to tenfold.


Our Coretex remote monitoring technology brings autonomous, intelligent agriculture to life in our saltwater greenhouses.

Agriculture Empowerment

Our technology is transforming the agriculture industry, helping farmers become less reliant on freshwater in water-scarce areas of the world.

KAUST, near Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Yazen Ranch, near Asfan, Saudi Arabia

Our Grow Sites

Our Produce

Red Sea Farms produce is sustainable, organic, and pesticide-free! Our premium-quality saltwater tomatoes are delicious with high levels of vitamins and antioxidants—they taste great and are good for you!